November 6, 2022

Balance Ecosystem Monthly Update- October 2022

The Balance Ecosystem encompasses a wide range of innovative products and developments in various DeFi and Web3 technology areas.
Balance is poised to build bridges between the theoretical and practical sides of finance so that there is a means in which we can provide real-world solutions and create value driven products within the web3 space.

Balance Capital

October was an exciting and important month for Balance, and this article provides our readers with an overview of what happened in the Balance ecosystem in the month of October.

USDB Vaults

In the beginning of October, Balance and Takepile partnered to bring USDB Vaults. This is a big milestone for USDB as it allows investors to earn up to 30% APR on their USDB.

Vaults are platforms through which DeFi protocols can access capital and for investors to earn handsome rewards and Balance is proud to enter the space.

Acquiring USDB Is Easier Than Ever Thanks to Indacoin

Investors are now able to buy USDB using a visa or mastercard thanks to the exchange on Indacoin. Therefore acquiring and trading USDB becomes quicker and easier and this also improves liquidity and trading volume for USDB

Indacoin is an exchange that already has over 5 million verified customers and we are grateful to be able to offer USDB to this massive audience of investors.

FHMs 1 Year Anniversary

October officially makes it one year since the inception of FantohmDAO and we are extremely happy with the progress made on the token as well the partnerships created. FHM has made good progress with its staking capabilities and the amount of tokens burnt. At the time of this article being published, FHM has a market cap of $1 582 457 and a total supply burn of 440 000. We are beyond excited for the future of FHM!

Facelifts On Balance And Liqd

We are excited to announce the launch of the updated websites for Balance and Liqd, which consists of a better UI and UX, as well as many new features. Additionally, the websites will perform better, which is crucial to meet the demands of our increasing number of users.

Our Focus On Publishing Educational Content

In the month of October, Balance dedicated more time into making educational content in the form of blog posts and twitter threads for our audience. This content is intended to educate our followers on:

-Events taking place within crypto

-Terminology used in the crypto industry

-Information to help readers maximize their returns in the next bull run

-Ways in which passive income can be earned during the bear market

Balance AMA with partner 3air

In the Last week of October, Dusky, joined a very informative AMA hosted by our partners 3air The partnership between Balance and 3air was discussed as well as other aspects of the crypto market, some interesting topic being, the potential that NFTs hold and what the future is shaping up to be.

3air is a blockchain platform that enables businesses and individuals to thrive on WEB 3.0, this is done by providing broadband internet access to the African continent.

5 Of Our Favorite Blog Posts

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-Real World Asset Backed NFTs

-How To Detect Rug Pulls Before It's Too Late

While we accomplished a lot in October, we are excited for what we have planned for November, which is going to be one of our biggest months yet! In the DeFi and Web 3 spaces, our team is working around the clock to deliver some of the most unique and innovative products to date. We would once again like to thank all of our readers for the continued support and we hope that you enjoyed this update.