October 31, 2022

Balance Pass Utility

The Balance Ecosystem encompasses a wide range of innovative products and developments in various DeFi and Web3 technology areas.
Balance is poised to build bridges between the theoretical and practical sides of finance so that there is a means in which we can provide real-world solutions and create value driven products within the web3 space.

Balance Capital

Balance Pass NFT Utilities

In this blog article, we want to share breakdowns of each utility for the Balance Passes. This NFT mint is the catalyst for many future products from Balance Capital. Here are the first few utilities of the Pass:

Instant Liquidity on Liqd 

Balance pass holders will be able to access instant loans on the Liqd platform for select blue chip NFTs. The loans will be funded by Liqd and the amounts vary based on the value of the collateral. We will share a list of NFTs closer to Liqd's launch. As the space is constantly changing and adapting, you can expect this list to be updated as necessary. On the Liqd platform, lenders can request a loan period between one and seven days.

Discounts on Liqd Platform Fees

We are excited to give each Balance Pass holder a discount on the fees incurred when using the Liqd platform. 

The Platinum NFT Pass grants you 100.0% off of fees when using the Liqdnft platform (50/350)

The Gold NFT Pass grants you 50.0% off of fees when using the Liqdnft platform (100/350)

The Genesis NFT Pass grants you 25.0% off of fees when using the Liqdnft platform (200/350)


Balance Pass Tiers

Balance Pass Tiers

Affiliate Incentives

We will roll out an affiliate structure to grant pass holders a share of Liqds’ revenue as an incentive to help us bring new members to the platform. We are still actively working to perfect our model and we will release it leading up to the launch of Liqd.

Whitelist Opportunities We will offer whitelist opportunities for upcoming projects. The rarity of your pass will dictate how many entries you will receive for each giveaway. We will give back exclusive information we obtain from our partners. Each piece of alpha will fall under three tiers. The breakdown is as follows:

Genesis Pass: 1 Entry

Gold Pass holder: 2 Entries

Platinum Pass: 4 Entries

Future Utility 

Our pass holders will also receive benefits from some of our partnering projects. More utilities related to our current partnerships will be discussed in our next blog post and we will continue to onboard more partnerships with like-minded communities to further the growth of our ecosystem as a whole.

The Balance Team

Balance is a Web3-based development company working on the cutting edge of fintech with deep roots in DeFi. Our team is made up of product strategists, business executives, and financial engineers with top-level risk management and software engineering expertise. This innovative powerhouse is dedicated to building a more sustainable crypto investment economy using decentralized business experience.