June 17, 2023

BRC20-S: Revolutionizing Bitcoin and BRC-20 Staking 

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The world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, and with it comes exciting opportunities for innovation and growth. One such development is the introduction of BRC20-S by OKX, a revolutionary token standard that enables Bitcoin and BRC-20 staking through their OKX Web3 Earn platform. 

In this article, we will explore the significance of BRC20-S, its advantages, and the potential it holds for the future of digital asset staking.

Understanding BRC-20 and BRC20-S

To grasp the impact of BRC20-S, we must first understand the foundation on which it is built. BRC-20 is a fungible token standard specifically designed for the Bitcoin blockchain. It allows users to deploy token contracts, mint tokens, and facilitate token transfers. BRC20-S takes this concept further by introducing staking functionalities, offering additional earning opportunities for BRC-20 token holders.

Empowering Token Holders

One of the primary motivations behind the introduction of BRC20-S is to provide BRC-20 token holders with more ways to engage with their assets and earn rewards. By staking their BRC-20 tokens or Bitcoin, users have the opportunity to earn rewards without needing to sell or transfer their assets. This incentivizes holding onto assets and reduces selling pressure, contributing to a more stable token ecosystem.

Stable Ecosystem and Active Participation

With the option to stake assets, users have a vested interest in holding onto their digital assets. This reduced selling pressure can lead to a more stable market environment. Additionally, BRC-20 staking allows for active participation in the Bitcoin network, unlocking the potential value of BRC-20 tokens. This combination of stability and participation enhances the overall ecosystem and strengthens the community.

Staking Rewards

Once BRC20-S is live, users can put their BRC-20 tokens to work and earn rewards without parting with their assets. OKX Web3 Earn offers various staking pools, each with different rewards. This allows users to select the staking option that best aligns with their preferences and investment strategies. 

By earning rewards through staking, users can potentially maximize their returns without the need for additional asset transfers or trades.

Non-Custodial Staking

A significant advantage of BRC-20 staking on OKX Web3 Earn is the non-custodial nature of the staking process. Unlike other staking pools where assets are locked, BRC-20 staking provides users with the freedom to continue using their assets even while staked. This flexibility enables seamless transactions and quick responses to market changes, giving users greater control over their digital assets.

The All-In-One Solution

OKX Web3 Earn offers more than just staking. Users can also earn and list tokens in their OKX Wallet, and the platform supports token minting. In the future, OKX plans to introduce a marketplace for selling BRC20-S tokens. 

By providing a comprehensive solution for BRC-20 token holders, OKX empowers users to maximize their rewards while enjoying the benefits of token ownership.


With the ability to earn rewards without selling assets, users can maximize their returns while maintaining flexibility and control over their digital assets. 

This innovative solution paves the way for a more stable token ecosystem and active participation in the Bitcoin network. BRC20-S represents a significant advancement in the world of cryptocurrency, offering users a comprehensive solution for earning and managing their digital assets. Could this be the next driver of Bitcoin adoption or even fuel the next bull run? Keep up to date with our articles to find out more advancements in the crypto space.