March 27, 2023

EIP 4361: Sign in with Ethereum

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MetaMask, a popular web3 wallet, has recently introduced "Sign in With Ethereum," a new feature that allows users to authenticate themselves on off-chain services securely and in a decentralized manner. The integration of the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4361 protocol, along with the domain binding feature, aims to enhance security and user experience for Ethereum users.

What is "Sign in with Ethereum"?

"Sign in with Ethereum" is a feature that allows users to sign in to websites and applications using their Ethereum wallet address instead of traditional identifiers like email and phone numbers. It provides a decentralized substitute for centralized identity providers, which have complete control over the user IDs they store. 

With this feature, users can authenticate themselves securely and in a decentralized manner, ensuring that their digital identity and data remain under their control.

How does it work?

To utilize "Sign in With Ethereum," users need to have a MetaMask wallet installed on their browser. When accessing a supported website or application, a pop-up will appear, asking the user to validate the domain name, session data, and security methods (such as a nonce) used to prevent unauthorized access. 

Once validated, the user can sign in using their Ethereum wallet address, which eliminates the need for creating and remembering separate login credentials.

What is EIP-4361?

The EIP-4361 protocol is a standardized method for authenticating users on off-chain services using their Ethereum wallet address. It allows wallet projects like MetaMask to authenticate themselves by signing a common message format. By adopting this protocol, MetaMask aims to standardize how Ethereum account users verify themselves on off-chain services, enhancing security and improving user experience.

What is Domain Binding?

The domain binding feature is a security measure that detects signatures and approvals from malicious URLs. It ensures that users can safely utilize their Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet when signing in to websites and applications, protecting them from phishing attacks and other forms of malicious activity.


MetaMask's integration of "Sign in with Ethereum" is a significant step towards enhancing security and user experience for Ethereum users. By providing a decentralized substitute for traditional identifiers, users can authenticate themselves in a more secure and decentralized manner, giving them greater control over their digital identity and data. 

As more wallet services adopt these kinds of safeguards, it will become easier and more secure for users to utilize their cryptocurrency wallets when accessing off-chain services.