October 31, 2022

Introducing Free Balance Passes

The Balance Ecosystem encompasses a wide range of innovative products and developments in various DeFi and Web3 technology areas.
Balance is poised to build bridges between the theoretical and practical sides of finance so that there is a means in which we can provide real-world solutions and create value driven products within the web3 space.

Balance Capital

Introducing Free Balance Alpha Passes

Balance.capital is pleased to introduce 350 Alpha NFT Passes for the crypto community - allowing special access and perks to our products and services.

These NFTs are scarce, unique, and offer a tremendous value to their holders. 


Balance Pass Announcement

Balance Pass Announcement

Key Benefits to Alpha NFT Holders

There are many. We will look to implement perks for our pass holders for each of our products that Balance Capital produces. In addition, we will also allow our partners to offer exclusive perks to our pass holders where they see fit.

Liqdnft.com is one of the most innovative NFT lending and borrowing platforms, by the Balance team. By holding Balance Alpha NFTs, investors can save on Transactions and systems fees. These perks are broken down below:


Balance Pass Tiers

Balance Pass Tiers

50 Platinum NFT Passes

- 0.0% Fees on using Liqdnft platform

100 Gold NFT Passes

- 50% off fees on using Liqdnft platform

200 Genesis NFT Passes

- 25% off fees on using Liqdnft platform

Additionally, each NFT pass will also serve as a membership ticket to one of our Alpha Discord channels enabling the members to apply for early-access/ whitelist or pre-mint spots for the upcoming crypto projects. We will bring Alpha signals, exposure, and other valuable information to the holders of Balance Alpha NFT passes.

For the Balance ecosystem, the passes will also open doors for more collaboration, and industry-wide exposure.Buy on Opensea here

The Balance Team

Balance is a Web3-based development company working on the cutting edge of fintech with deep roots in DeFi. Our team comprises product strategists, business executives, and financial engineers with top-level risk management and software engineering expertise. This innovation powerhouse is dedicated to building a more sustainable crypto investment economy, using decentralised business experience.