September 13, 2023

MetaMask Snaps: A Leap Towards Universal Blockchain Compatibility

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MetaMask, the premier web3 wallet known for its Ethereum-centric functionality, has embarked on a journey of vast expansion with the unveiling of "Snaps". This new software innovation not only widens the horizon for MetaMask but also pioneers a direction for blockchain interoperability and flexibility. 

Here's an in-depth look into the transformative world of MetaMask Snaps.

What Are MetaMask Snaps?

At their core, Snaps are modular software components designed to be integrated into the MetaMask wallet. But instead of just being another add-on feature, Snaps have a larger ambition: they intend to make MetaMask universally compatible across a myriad of blockchain ecosystems.

From Ethereum to the World

Historically, MetaMask's primary association has been with Ethereum and its compatible chains. This includes platforms like BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism. However, Snaps are metamorphosing this by facilitating MetaMask's functionality on non-EVM blockchains such as Cosmos, Solana, Tezos, Starknet and Algorand.

How Do Snaps Work?

Snaps are essentially JavaScript applications executed within a secure, isolated environment within the MetaMask interface. 

They can:

- Introduce new API functions to MetaMask.

- Provide compatibility solutions for various blockchain systems.

- Modify or enhance existing features using the Snaps JSON-RPC API.

Security and Developer Onboarding

With the expansion of features and capabilities, security remains a paramount concern for MetaMask. The initial batch of Snaps, numbering over 34, has undergone rigorous security audits and received the green light from the MetaMask team. Moreover, the introduction of Snaps is not just a one-off in-house development. MetaMask has collaborated with over 150 developers, ensuring diverse and broadened developmental perspectives on these Snaps.

Furthermore, in a move to decentralize innovation, MetaMask plans to allow third-party developers to independently ship and maintain their Snaps, aligning with the ethos of decentralization and "permissionless innovation".

The Future of MetaMask and Snaps

The development and introduction of Snaps reveal a glimpse into MetaMask's vision for the future – a future where boundaries between blockchain platforms become porous, where developers can innovate without seeking permission, and where users enjoy seamless experiences across various blockchains.

In the words of Christian Montoya, the product lead for MetaMask Snaps, the platform is being sculpted as an "open platform for innovation". The dedication to avoiding gatekeeping and championing permissionless innovation reflects a commitment to the foundational principles of blockchain technology.


In a rapidly web3 space, adaptability and flexibility become the cornerstones of lasting impact. MetaMask's Snaps signify a step in this direction, offering a promise of a more interconnected and cohesive blockchain universe. As we stand on the cusp of this innovation, one can't help but be excited for what's next in the world of decentralized technology.