FHM Protocol

The FHM Protocol maintains a treasury consisting of crypto assets and stakes in other business endeavours that the Balance organisation partakes in.

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A self-owned, decentrally
governed reserve asset

The FHM Protocol is a self-owned, decentrally governed reserve asset which functions to execute the best possible management of its treasury in order to produce future gains for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Fantohm Dashboard image this is a breakdown of the treasury holdings  for the Fantohm DAO protocol

Committed to stakeholders and long-term interests

While the FHM protocol is an OHM fork, it should be noted that all aspects of the protocol relevant to bonding, staking, inflation, or deflation may be edited to suit the changing conditions of the market with consent from the FHM Stakeholders’ DAO.

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Two layers of Multisig Protection

There are two layers to the multisig protection, Fantom Safe and OpenZeppelin Defender. The former is the Gnosis implementation on Fantom, and the latter is a secure platform to expand the capabilities of multisig operation.

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